MPS reminds parents to keep kids safe from the bitter cold

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Public School District has a reminder for parents: dress children warmly -- with all skin covered.

Many parents listened, as their kids showed up to Hamlin Garland Elementary School all bundled up.

“I layered him. I put long johns underneath his scarf hat gloves and packed extra jackets,” said mom Angela Aquino.

“Just made sure he walked outside this morning with his gloves and hat on,” explained mother Melissa Bravo.

The schools also took matters into their own hands, starting with limiting the kids’ time outdoors.  Thursday morning at Garland Elementary students were let into the building immediately. It was a similar situation for dismissal -- students could stay inside the building until the buses arrived or they were picked up or ready to walk home. Outdoor recess was also canceled. Parents said they appreciate the schools proactive attitude about the weather.

"It's phenomenal it's very important the bottom line is we have to keep are kids safe and we have to keep them warm,” said Aquino.

“The fingers and just make sure the ears are covered. You never know,” said Bravo.