MPS Family Forum: Parents and kids learn how to make the right choices to thrive

MILWAUKEE -- It may be Saturday but the learning didn't stop in the Milwaukee Public Schools system. Families got the chance to get some key information that can help them thrive at school and at home.

MPS Family Forum

It's a recipe for success: a dash of instruction mixed with an attentive audience.

"We are learning how to eat healthy," said Ken Dallas, parent.

From frugal shopping to healthy eating, dozens of parents and children are learning how to make the right choices.

"It gives you more insight in the world today. The obesity; how to fight that one way is to be able to cook. You spend more money with fast food -- you don't have to buy anything so I think it's a conscious effort," said Dallas.

Ken Dallas

Ken Dallas is one of many who attended Milwaukee Public Schools Family Forum at Washington High School of Information and Technology.

Folks say what they are learning in class opens up their mind to a world of change.

They discussed topics such as raising confident, competent children, to helping children make the grade by learning about mental health resources. A bevy of knowledge was on-hand Saturday morning.

MPS Family Forum

"There's a lot of things; a lot MPS is doing to get parents more involved," said Dallas.

"Learning is 24/7 we want to think of MPS as a home for our students and their families," said Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent, Darienne Driver.

MPS Family Forum

From exercising to information on medical assistance, MPS partnered with the Milwaukee Bucks, and Froedtert, and the Medical College of Wisconsin helped sponsor the one-stop shop.

"We want to make sure families have a medical home. It's important to get regular check ups," said Driver.

Helping ensure students, children and parents were well rounded and on the right track.

MPS holds different forums each month. For more information on how to sign up and the upcoming topics, CLICK HERE.