MPD officer whose gun discharged in Southridge Mall reaches plea deal

MILWAUKEE -- Michael Edwards, a Milwaukee Police officer who dropped his gun at Southridge Mall while off-duty, and the gun discharged reached a plea deal in his case Thursday, October 18th.

Edwards was originally charged with endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon. That charge was dropped, and Edwards instead pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct while armed/use of a dangerous weapon. The penalty for this charge is a fine.

Edwards will be sentenced on October 24th. 

At the time of the incident nearly a year ago, the Greendale Police Department said this was a freak accident. They said Edwards was allowed to carry his weapon while off-duty.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said he was "disappointed" charges were filed against Edwards -- issuing a statement that read: "I am disappointed the District Attorney has decide to use the overburdened criminal justice system to address a situation that is best and most appropriately handled as a training and disciplinary matter."

The incident occurred in front of Auntie Annie's Pretzels. When the officer reached for his wallet, the gun went off. Edwards immediately contacted mall security. Greendale police say Edwards was extremely cooperative and embarrassed.