MPD officer Joshua Albert in critical condition after wrong-way crash

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police Wednesday evening, September 5th released additional details regarding a 31-year-old MPD officer struck by a wrong-way driver early Wednesday morning on I-94 near 30th Street. This is Milwaukee's 20th wrong-way driving incident this year alone.

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Officials say 23-year-old Erin Salmon was allegedly drunk, driving the wrong way on I-94 with her headlights off when she struck Joshua Albert's vehicle.

As a result of the collision, Salmon and Albert were each trapped inside their cars. Salmon was initially unconscious but breathing. Salmon and Albert were both transported to the hospital and taken into surgery. Police say both are in critical condition.

Officials say Albert had just gotten off work and was driving home in his own car.

Both Albert and Salmon are in critical condition at the hospital following the crash.

Milwaukee police officials say Albert has had a noteworthy career with the Milwaukee Police Department in the short time he has been at MPD. He became a police officer in March 2009 and received a Meritorious Service Award from Chief Edward A. Flynn in 2011 for an outstanding arrest. 

Albert is assigned to District 3.

"We ask for continued thoughts and prayers from our community. It was a terrible, horrific accident," Mike Crivello with the Milwaukee Police Association said.

MPD released the following information on Albert via its website "The Source":

"On August 23, 2010, while on beat patrol, Officer Albert and Officer Jay Ehlers checked on a previously burglarized garage in the alley between North 38th and North 39th Streets. As they entered the alley they saw a car parked with the engine running and the lights off.

Finding this suspicious, the officers approached the vehicle. Both officers saw several subjects inside. Someone inside the car immediately shouted out and subsequently,  a rear seat passenger reached out of the right side rear window holding a sawed-off shotgun. This individual pointed the weapon in the direction of Officer Ehlers and fired one shot while the vehicle started to move.

Officer Albert, fearing for his safety and that of his partner, drew his duty weapon and fired at the vehicle as it sped past. Both officers immediately broadcast the incident. After a foot pursuit, the suspects were all located and these dangerous criminals were taken off the street.

There’s no telling how many lives Officer Albert saved that night. His family, co-workers and the community will now see him exhibit that same bravery as he recovers in a local hospital. He is still in very critical condition and his family appreciates the thoughts and prayers from the community."

Sheriff’s officials say they will pursue felony charges for Salmon, including drunk driving. It will be Salmon’s first drunk driving charge.

"If there's a take-away, be responsible when you get behind the wheel. If you drink, maybe it's time to call a cab," Crivello said.

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