MPD collects thousands of books for city children

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Several Milwaukee police officers took a break from their regular patrols, to spend some quality time with the future of the city.

"The goal of this is to ensure that all kids in the community have books to call their own and the reason we do that is because kids that have books and a good reading ability have unlimited success," says Lt. Aimee Obregom with the Milwaukee Police Department.

District 3 of the Milwaukee Police Department held its 2nd Annual March for Literacy Book Drive throughout the month of March.

It collected about 5,000 books, which were all donated to the Next Door Foundation.

"We run a giving library so all of our books that come in, go back out for free to be kept and loved by that child," says Next Door Foundation Books for Kids Coordinator Pam Edyburn.

Even Wendy and Frosty stopped by to say hi to the kids, as most of the books were collected in barrels at 10 participating Wendy's restaurants.

"It was overwhelming because this year the barrels were overflowing," says Wendy's District Manager Sharon Mitchell.

Next Door Foundation provides early education for children up to 5-years-old.

All of the kids appeared to be thrilled when they saw the boxes upon boxes of books being carried into the building.

"This is a great way for us to really give back. It was so exciting to walk up today and see all of the kids standing outside and cheering while we`re bringing in the books and holding up their signs," says Lt. Obregom.

Some of the books got use right away as officers participated in a special "Read with Me" Session.

With the success the MPD has had with the March for Literacy Book Drive, they're already preparing for next year.

Next Door Foundation is always accepting book donations and looking for volunteers. For more information, CLICK HERE.