Mother speaks out after son died near 40th & Wright: "If you have children, put screens on windows"

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating after a two-and-a-half-year-old boy was found dead by family members Tuesday, August 23rd near 40th and Wright -- at his grandmother's house. Terry Harris-Lockhart told FOX6 News her son, Michael McCoy III crawled feet first through a first-floor window, when the window sash crashed onto the boy's head, killing him.

"He just loved to go outside. Loved to play. Loved to run," Harris-Lockhart said.

Michael McCoy III

On Tuesday afternoon, Michael McCoy III may have had running and playing on his mind when he crawled feet first through an open window at the home near 40th and Wright. Before he cleared the window, the upper sash came crashing down -- killing the young boy.

Terry Harris-Lockhart

"That was my baby, and what am I going to tell my daughter? She doesn't have her brother anymore," Harris-Lockhart said.

Harris-Lockhart told FOX6 News the boy's 13-year-old uncle was watching Michael McCoy III at their grandmother's home, but they were both taking a nap when the toddler woke up and tried to go out the window.

Harris-Lockhart told FOX6 News the boy's grandmother has insisted she asked the landlord for screens on the windows.

Michael McCoy III

Officials with the City of Milwaukee's Department of Neighborhood Services said putting screens on an old window is not required if the window did not have a screen before -- but still, Harris-Lockhart is spreading this message after her son's death:

"Put screens on. Locks on the windows. Yes -- there's a less on this. I just feel if he would have put screens on the windows, taken that precaution, my son would have been looking out the window -- not hanging out of it. All I have to say is if you have children, please put screens on the windows. I don't care if you have to hassle the landlord, hassle the landlord. Please put screens on the windows. Because my son didn't deserve this. He was the most happy baby you would know. This was a tragedy that could have been prevented," Harris-Lockhart said.

40th and Wright

Milwaukee police are investigating this incident, and the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office is not releasing its report at this point.