Mother of child involved in abduction hoax speaks out: "He did it to get back at me"

Jamareiyonna Buchanan-Murdock

MILWAUKEE -- Charges are pending against a Milwaukee father after police say he faked the abduction of his daughter when his vehicle was stolen. Now, the child's mother is speaking out exclusively to FOX6, explaining what the lie has done to her family.

"Why put my innocent baby in this?" said Alexis Buchanan.

That's the question Buchanan -- a mother of two -- still doesn't have an answer to.

Jamareiyonna Buchanan-Murdock

Alexis Buchanan

"It's screwed up and I'm pretty pissed off," said Buchanan.

On Tuesday, December 12th, her ex -- who is also the father of her 4-year-old Jamareiyonna Buchanan-Murdock -- lied to police, saying she was abducted, allegedly so his stolen car report near 25th and Becher would be taken more seriously.

"I believe he did it to get back at me and hurt me," said Buchanan.

His daughter was safely at school the entire time.

Jamareiyonna Buchanan-Murdock

"He was lying at the beginning. He knew he could have just told the truth," Buchanan said.

25th and Becher

The man's current fiancee told FOX6 on Tuesday, she knew where the child was.

"I knew the little girl was at school," the suspect's fiancee, Deatre McNeal said. "They could have asked me and I would have told them the truth."

Deatre McNeal

Meanwhile, Buchanan was on her lunch break when her phone was flooded with phone calls from family.

"(My daughter) spoke on it when she came home about 'oh the police came to the school and they said I was missing.' I'm like 'oh my God,' so yes she knows what's going on," Buchanan said.

Buchanan said she thinks her ex's fiancee should also face consequences for not speaking up about what she knew. She's now focused on doing what she needs to in order to shield her child from harm.

Jamareiyonna Buchanan-Murdock

"Justice has to be served. I'm going to make sure I do something about it because this is ridiculous," Buchanan said. "Enough is enough."

FOX6 is choosing not to name the father because he has not been charged. However, charges against him are pending in Milwaukee County.

He's expected in court on Thursday, December 14th.