Mother arrested for pepper spraying daughter

RACINE (WITI) -- On Thursday, September 18th, Racine Police Department was dispatched to 806 Jackson St. for a report of a party having a hard time breathing. While en-route to the address, it was found the party in question had been pepper sprayed.

Once on arrival, a 15-year-old female came out of the front door screaming hysterically that her mother just maced her following an argument they were having about a cell phone.

The mother, Jodie Mcallister stated that she felt threatened by her daughter's verbal statements during their altercation, and her close physical proximity that she used the pepper spray on her.

Another daughter of Mcallister was involved in the incident and reported that she, too was pepper sprayed by her mother while trying to intervene.

Jodie Mcallister was arrested, and transported to RCJ without further incident. She is charged with one count of intentional use of oleoresin of capsicum(pepper spray) to cause bodily discomfort -- a Class A Misdemeanor, and upon conviction may be fined up to $10,000, and/or imprisoned up to 9 months.