More unemployment claims filed by former Deaconess workers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- More unemployment claims were filed Thursday, June 6th by former Deaconess Home Health caretakers. None of the former Deaconess workers have been paid, since the state closed the company in April following claims of fraud. The former workers held another rally in Milwaukee on Thursday.

Former Deaconess workers say unemployment payments are being held up -- which is making it tough for families to get by.

"Those childrens are hungry. We are homeless. Our lights is cut off and we need justice today. I have a son that's about to start college this fall.  I have a daughter that's graduating from journalism at South East Missouri University.  So yes, this is hurting me," Gregory Marks said.

About two dozen former workers gathered in Milwaukee Thursday. Jobs Now Wisconsin, which helped coordinate the demonstration says nearly 3,000 employees are affected.