'More spry than ever:' Milwaukee woman celebrating 107 years reveals secret to long life

A Milwaukee woman turned 107 years young Thursday, July 30 -- and FOX6 News learned her secret to a long and healthy life.

It's not often a lady reveals her age, but at her party more than a century in the making, Trudy Pochert Klapperich flaunted it.

"Boy, am I glad I'm healthy!" said Pochert Klapperich. 

If you've ever had any doubt about age being a state of mind -- look no further.

"Oh, I'm feeling great!" Pochert Klapperich declared. "I'm more spry than I've ever been, so get used to me!"

She's been living at Milwaukee Catholic Home for nearly two decades.

"Oh, they keep you so busy here," she said. "I mean, you better not be lazy!"

Trudy Pochert Klapperich

Staff say she's not just talk. She can back it up. 

"Trudy is feisty, and she will always give you great words of advice," said David Fulcher with Milwaukee Catholic Home. "When she turned 100 here, she kayaked on the Milwaukee River."

As part of her century celebration, everyone in the neighborhood came out to wish her well, from young kids, to friends and family and even some of Milwaukee's finest.

"Yes, I'm so surprised!" said Pochert Klapperich. "Yes, oh they're just wonderful."

Trudy Pochert Klapperich

Everyone was eager to learn her secret to a long and healthy life.

"I expected to hear that, and all I can say is the truth," said Pochert Klapperich. "I started taking my spiritual life seriously, and that's when things started to change for me."

There's no magic potion, or secret exercise. For Trudy Pochert Klapperich, it's simply living well -- both physically and spirtually.

Happy birthday, Trudy!

Pochert Klapperich said if she goes another 107 years, she'd like to spend her time studying, and maybe even exploring outer space.