'More important now than ever:' Yeast company donates 10K loaves of bread to Feeding America

MILWAUKEE -- On the surface, it may look like just another food delivery. But during the month of May, Red Star -- a Milwaukee-based company that makes yeast -- is donating 10,000 loaves of bread to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

"We serve over 400,000 throughout the year, so being able to able to serve 1,000 in a couple days makes such an impact," said Kaitlin Lavelle with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin.

The bread, from bakeries like Breadsmith, is then sent to food pantries across the state which are serving more people amid the "Safer at Home" order.

Loaves of bread donated to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Kaitlin Lavelle

"A lot of our food pantries are seeing more and more individuals, new faces at their organizations from those being furloughed, maybe even just laid off, kids out from school, so they're seeing them earlier in the year," Lavelle said. "They're more important now than ever to have an increase in donation."

The donation allows Feeding America to spend its money on non-perishable food items and provide a more well-rounded supply for those in need.

"They're able to have...leave our pantries with full bags of groceries for weeks on end, rather than a couple days at a time," said Lavelle.

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin is still looking for donations to help feed those in need, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in helping, CLICK HERE for more information.