Mitt Romney campaigns with Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson

MIDDLETON -- Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney gathered more big-name support in Wisconsin this weekend. Sunday, April 1st, Senator Ron Johnson endorsed Romney, but the real test will come Tuesday, April 3rd when Wisconsin voters head to the polls.

Romney spoke in Middleton Sunday, alongside Congressman Paul Ryan, who has also endorsed Romney. Though they were announced as a pair, Romney isn't calling Ryan a running mate, but rather, a campaign supporter. The two spent much of the day Sunday courting voters together, and Romney thanked the congressman for his help.

"(Congressman Ryan) is here today fighting for me, and I appreciate his leadership and Senator Johnson," Romney said.

Senator Johnson is the latest Republican to endorse Romney. He told NBC's Meet the Press he hadn't intended to endorse anyone, but changed his mind after talking with Romney.

"I've come away from those conversations fully convinced that Governor Romney is the person to lead our party, to lead our nation. He fully understands the gravity of our financial situation. He's dedicated toward solving these problems. He is ready, willing and able to lead this nation, unlike President Obama. I'm happy to announce my full support and my endorsement of Governor Romney to be the next President of the United States," Johnson said Sunday, April 1st.

At Bluemound Gardens in Wauwatosa, Johnson, Ryan and Romney joined forces to serve brunch. While Romney was dishing out pancakes, he also dished out criticism of President Barack Obama. "This president is comfortable with a government-centered society, as opposed to an opportunity-centered society that's lead by free people and free enterprise," Romney said.

Romney focused mostly on the economy and said if he becomes president, he'll focus on trimming government spending, balancing the budget and easing the tax burden on small business.