Mitchell International TSA officer making masks for seniors, frontline workers

MILWAUKEE -- By day, she is one of the hundreds of men and women who keep us safe at the airports. By night, one Milwaukee TSA officer is donating her time to keeping people safe whether they are catching a flight or not.

She is already working an important, essential job at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport. But the public safety mission doesn't stop there for Susan Schultz.

"That's part of our mission is to protect the traveling public. Well, I feel like I'm doing that at home too with the masks," Schultz said. "I'm able to maybe protect somebody from this virus."

With her daughter working at a senior advisement agency, Schutz put her sewing skills to the test -- cranking out some 300 masks in the last three weeks for seniors, health care providers, law enforcement agencies and others. That's all on top of her day job.

Susan Schultz

"I really love the idea of where these masks are going, and I literally leave work, run down in the basement, throw my clothes in the washing machine, take a shower and start sewing," said Schultz.

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport

She said the effort has brought her closer to her daughter and grandson, too -- giving them something to bond over from a safe distance. In this case, providing important protection for those still working.

"I just think it's really important to do something, and I feel really honored to be able to participate and help in some way," she said.

Schultz said she sometimes will look up from her sewing machine and realize it's midnight or later and go to bed -- then she's up again to go to work at 3:30 a.m. Still, she said it is a labor of love and one she will keep doing as long as there is a need.