Mitchell Airport rated #4 on list of "Best Airports To Get Stuck In"

MILWAUKEE -- General Mitchell International Airport has been rated "number four" on a list of "Best Airports To Get Stuck In," according to a recent poll by online travel-dating website,

The survey found that while millions of displaced travelers this week got very familiar with the inside of certain airports thanks to Hurricane Sandy, some travelers have admitted that they wouldn't mind spending a little more time at others.

Based on the poll of 5,000 U.S. users, the following list outlines the airports members wouldn't mind getting stuck in the event of a delay or natural disaster. With over 18,000 flights cancelled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, MissTravel travelers have voted these ten airports as the ones they'd rather be stuck in:

    Based on the survey, members based their reasoning as to why they would prefer these airports to get stuck in over others on factors such as availability of extra amenities, cleanliness, entertainment and food/shopping selection.