Mission accomplished: 2 women visit 115th H-D dealerships on epic ride from Brazil

MILWAUKEE -- Harley-Davidson's 115th Anniversary Celebration rolls on for another day -- and there are many different ways people are honoring the motorcycle maker.

We have met riders from Canada, Cambodia, Great Britain -- and many other places around the globe. Among them are two women from Brazil who were on a mission to visit 115 Harley-Davidson dealerships. On Thursday, Aug. 30, they completed their mission.

Ana Sofia DeOliveira and Ana Pimenta's final dealership visit was to Milwaukee Harley-Davidson on Silver Spring.

Along the way, the two women have been exchanging gifts with people -- and having them sign their flag to bring back home.

DeOliveira talked Pimenta into taking a long ride with her to celebrate being breast cancer free for ten years. What is the one thing they will take away most from their trip? The members of the people they have met.

"Every day it's so many very nice people in the world and all the dealerships, so many stories, they share with us, it's really amazing," said Ana Sofia DeOliveira.

The two women say they wanted to celebrate Harley because the bikes are "a way of life."