Milwaukee's pothole hotline (286-CITY) busier than usual

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Potholes are a big problem in Milwaukee this winter -- and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and other city officials have encouraged folks to call 414-286-CITY when a pothole is spotted. This, so crews can get out and make repairs. Mayor Barrett has said most of the reported potholes are repaired in just a few days. FOX6 News visited the city's "pothole call center" -- and it's been busy!

On Monday, February 24th, agents answering calls coming into Milwaukee's 414-286-CITY hotline took 200 calls about potholes!

"Call agents enter it into the system. We have a computer system, customer relationship management software where we log the call, and depending on what kind of call it is, it gets distributed to the department. So in the case of potholes, it goes to the Department of Public Works Operations Division," Nancy Olson, Chief Information Officer for the city of Milwaukee told FOX6 News.

Sometimes, people aren't too happy when they call in. They're frustrated and upset. Some of them may have damaged their vehicles by driving through a pothole.

That's why agents like Angela Pickens have to stay calm.

"A lot of people want to be heard. I sit and listen to what they have to say and I intervene, offer some resolution as much as possible -- and get someone to help them," Pickens said.

As the potholes and frost heaves continue to cause problems this winter, the city's 286-CITY call center will continue to be busy.

"We all drive the streets, so there's kinda like, a national crisis out there, so we are expecting an increase in calls," Olson said.

Pickens and the other agents will be there to take your call -- and hopefully, get a crew dispatched to fix the pothole problem as soon as one is available.

You are also able to report potholes ONLINE, via the city of Milwaukee's website.

CLICK HERE to report a problem to the city of Milwaukee Department of Public Works.