Milwaukee's mayor proposes $2.2M in block grant funds for lead abatement

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced on Sunday, Dec. 1 a portion of his proposed allocation of 2020 Community Development Block Grant funding. The proposal includes $2.2 million for lead abatement.

This funding provides the matching requirements for the $5.6 million Lead and Healthy Homes grant the City was awarded in October by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In addition to the $21 million allocated to lead in the 2020 City budget, the Mayor’s proposed Block Grant funding will help protect Milwaukee families from the hazards of lead. The $2.2 million, allocated to the City’s Health Department, will help prepare 30 individuals with training and certification and provide an additional 40 homes with full lead abatement.

The entirety of the proposed Block Grant allocation will be heard by the Common Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee this week -- and be voted on by the full Council on Dec. 17.