Milwaukee woman loves her job so much, she does it for free

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a job that you enjoy and love so much, that you'd do it for free? One Milwaukee woman is one of the rare people who knows that feeling first hand.

“I don’t have a job, I have a way of life,” Barbara Brown Lee told FOX6 News recently. She has worked of course. For decades she’s been the chief educator for the Milwaukee Art Museum. She has trained every single docent (the volunteers who help visitors understand the art they’re seeing) and has taught them the story behind each piece of art.

A lot of people say they’d do their job for free. Barbara Brown Lee is the first person we've met who does.  She retired and came off the payroll at the end of January. On February 1st, she showed up at the museum ready to do her job again. For free.  The lesson is simple: do what you love to do.   Her advice to anyone not doing that is to move on and find a job they love.

To honor her dedication , the Milwaukee Art Museum is giving her  a “day."  Thursday, May 2nd is Barbara Brown Lee Day at the museum. Fittingly, it’s free admission day.