Milwaukee ‘Take Back Our Community Week;’ leaders seek safer city

The weekend violence sparked a big conversation for communities across Milwaukee County, and this week is dedicated to addressing them. 

Take Back Our Community Week focuses on issues from gun safety to mental health. It takes place from Monday, July 24, to Saturday, July 29, at the Wisconsin Voices building on 4201 N 27th on the 7th Floor.

The focus on Monday was on Crime Stoppers and how speaking up about crime is the first step in taking the community back.

Bria Grant lives in Milwaukee, and she wants to make a difference.

"I’m a regular community member with children; I go to church, I go to all the community functions," said Grant.

She is also on Milwaukee Crime Stoppers Board. She has seen it make a difference over the last three years.

"Tips to Crime Stoppers has lead to 57 arrests, 43 cleared cases and resolved seven homicides," Grant said.

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Take Back Our Community Week

All of those tips were made anonymously. Community leaders are inviting the public to an event each day that will encourage a safer Milwaukee.

"We need direct communications around some of the things that are barriers to taking back our community," said Grant.

Grant said not speaking up is one of those barriers.

"There are communities where retaliation is a real fear. If I report crime, then I am going to be retaliated against," said Grant. "Being able to remove that stigma or that fear is essential to this process."

Milwaukee police data shows that crime is down 15% compared to this time last year. They believe utilizing crime stoppers can keep things going in the right direction.

Take Back Our Community Week

"Whether it's an apology or justice through the legal process, that closure is important for your healing," Grant said. "So we want to promote and facilitate that healing through Milwaukee Crime Stoppers."

On Tuesday, the main focus is on gun safety awareness. The public can come out and get things like gun locks, lock boxes or even earn a concealed carry permit for free. 

For a full lineup of the events, you can go to