Milwaukee stolen Hyundai's owner projects message to thief

HEARTWARMING UPDATE: Within minutes of seeing FOX6's report on Tuesday night, May 30, a viewer reached out looking to donate a KitchenAid mixer to replace Jameelah Love's stolen equipment. He said her love of cakes and positive attitude resonated with him.

"The way she took it, the way she handled it with smiling and not hating the world for it, that's what got me the most," said Tim Wishman, donor. "You don't find that every day."

Jameelah Love's Hyundai was stolen three days after she moved back to Milwaukee. The "Caked with Love" owner's car was found totaled, and the tools she uses to make her cakes are gone.

When police found the vehicle, the inside was cleared out. Love's response was projected on the side of her house with hope that whoever did this will realize they didn't just damage her car.

Inside the kitchen of her Milwaukee home cake batter it the canvas Love knows better than most.

"I like the fact that I can be as creative as I want to be with the cakes," said Love.

Jameelah Love

The car theft put her side hustle for the last two years on hold.

"I'm stuck unable to make some of the cakes that I would want to make because I don't have the tools anymore to make them," said Love.

Just outside her home as she was still moving in, someone stole Love's Hyundai SUV on May 4. After the car was found, she took a picture thinking she could just put a new wheel on, but her insurance company deemed the car totaled. Inside the vehicle were her KitchenAid mixer, Cricut machine and other design tools.

"I was angry. I was upset. I was discouraged," said Love. "I had way too many emotions, and for a while there, I couldn't figure out a way to get 'em all in order. I don't want to be like the people who hurt me. I don't want to hurt others."

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So she settled on a do-it-yourself billboard of sorts on the side of her house with a message for whoever stole her car.

"There's a better way to live life, always," said Love. "If they have all of my supplies and stuff, please return it. I need it. You don't. If you don't bake cakes, you don't need those supplies, but I do."

Love said she hopes to pivot Caked with Love into a storefront, though that's on hold right now.

If you'd like to pitch in to help her pay for new equipment, a account has been set up.