Milwaukee shooting, crash: Trevon Galmore pleads not guilty to charges

Trevon Galmore

Trevon Galmore pleaded not guilty on Monday, April 4 in connection to a shooting and head-on crash that happened on the city's northwest side Sunday, March 20. 

Court filings state a kid and four friends went to sell or trade a gun with an extended magazine in an alley near 77th and Townsend. The deal took a turn when someone in another group of five grabbed the gun and drove off – leading to a chase that ended with the crash.

The filings state 18-year-old Josue Melendez was the one in the southbound car who fired the gun right before the crash. Trevon Galmore, 20, was in the northbound car; he was convicted of shooting and wounding someone in 2019.

Gunfire, crash near 77th and Lisbon, Milwaukee

Galmore allegedly stole the gun from a person in Melendez's group during the attempted sale on Sunday. That is when, the filings state, Melendez grabbed a gun from someone in Galmore's group. Galmore and four others took off, with Melendez and four people in his car giving chase.

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Melendez told police that, as he and the others drove looking for Galmore, he loaded the gun that was taken. When they turned a corner, they were facing each other – and he fired. 

In all, seven people were arrested – including a 15-year-old. Police said they are still looking for unidentified suspects.

Melendez is charged with shooting a gun from a car. His preliminary hearing was rescheduled on Monday – now set for April 27.

Josue Melendez

Galmore is charged with felony firearm possession. He is due back in court on April 22. 


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