Milwaukee police wish K9 "Emo" happy 11th birthday

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are wishing a special officer happy birthday! K9 "Emo" is celebrating his 11th birthday Tuesday, September 13th.

Milwaukee police tweeted out a photo of Emo, with funny caption "Happy 11th birthday to K9 Emo, who wanted nothing to do with a birthday photo!"

Emo's partner is Officer Christina Roesken -- he's been by her side for nine years on the force.

Officer Roesken has served 21 years on the force, since August of 1995.

"I love him. We spend more time together than anyone else in my life. He is with me at work and with me at home," said Roesken.


According to Milwaukee police, Emo, full name Emo Vom Brauberg, is certified in narcotics and patrol -- which is building searches and tracking people.

Emo loves his ball on a rope and anything he can play tug of war with. He enjoys chewy treats but according to police, he will eat anything!

Happy birthday Emo!