Milwaukee police officers deliver gifts to families in need

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- After making a list and checking it twice, Milwaukee police officers went to work to make this a special Christmas for families in need.

"This is our way of just showing the people who hopefully understand that we're not just out to arrest people and enforce laws, that we're out to help people," said Milwaukee Police District 5 Captain Thomas Stigler.

Officers selected 5 families this holiday season to shower with gifts and food for a holiday meal.

"The families give us a list of the children and the parents and they give us a want and a need for each member and the officers look at that list and they go out and buy things for the kids," said Stigler.

Once all of the gifts were gathered and loaded into the squad cars, they took off to make their deliveries on Christmas Eve.

Their first stop was at the Brown family home and they were shocked when they answered the door.

"Just seeing the little ones their faces were bright red, they really enjoyed seeing all of the cops come in and giving them candy canes and giving them some gifts for this year's Christmas," said Deshawn Brown as his family received gifts.

Many of the children said this was the best Christmas they've ever had.

"We didn't expect a good Christmas this year because of financial reasons, but they were a true life saver," said Brown.

As the young ones patiently wait to open their gifts on Christmas morning, the Milwaukee police officers enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

"It's helping others that don't have what you have and it's about giving gifts and spreading that Christmas spirit," said Stigler.

This is the 6th year the Milwaukee Police Department has delivered gifts to families in need for Christmas.