Milwaukee Health Department gets a new logo, a new look

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Health Department (MHD) is being re-branded.

A news release indicates the purpose of this re-brand was for the community to clearly and positively understand programs and services provided by the MHD, and to represent the MHD’s commitment to advancing the health and equity of Milwaukeeans through science, innovation, and leadership.

Officials say the new MHD logo represents the diversity and interconnection of the department’s programs, partners and city residents. The logo mark includes the MHD initials, and those shapes also come together to represent the flowing rivers through the downtown, the green spaces of the urban environment, a heart that represents the mission to advance the health and equity of everyone in our community, and, a yin yang which in Chinese philosophy represents balance and wholeness. These all flow together into a circle, a shape of unity. Additionally, the colors also have meaning; blue and green represent life, growth, well-being.