Milwaukee gang shooting, gun linked to other crimes: complaint

Maurice Porter, Jr.

Maurice Porter, Jr., 18, of Milwaukee, is charged in connection with a shooting incident that happened on June 15 near 33rd and Vine. Prosecutors say Porter, Jr. is a gang member, and the gun found in his car was linked to a total of three shootings. 

Porter, Jr. faces three counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and one count of sell/possess/use/transport machine gun.

The criminal complaint notes "an ongoing feud" between members of Milwaukee gangs, including the Renzo Boys, Shawn Boys, Wonnie Boys, Brothers Before Millions, Player Made (Expletive), Road to Millions, Get Back Gang and several others. Prosecutors say this feud has been linked to 26 homicides, 109 non-fatal shootings and 82 shots fired incidents over two and half years.

Prosecutors say Porter, Jr. is a member of the PMN gang.

According to the criminal complaint, there was a shooting on May 16 near 25th and Nash, but Porter, Jr. is not charged for this crime.

On that occasion, the victim, 17, said he was headed into his house when he heard shots fired. He said he ran inside and told everyone to "get down." Afterward, he got messages on social media from "Solow Marii," whom he knows as "Maurice" and "NoGoing BacktoZero," whom he knows as "Javon." These two people pointed out the specific clothing the victim was wearing that day, implying that they had just seen him. They added that they had a "glitch," or a Glock with a full auto switch, and they had just shot into the victim's vehicle. Police found that a Dodge Charger outside the victim's house was struck 11 times, and several homes in the neighborhood were also hit. Nineteen .40 caliber spent casings were recovered by investigators, along with 17 9mm spent casings, the complaint says. Again, no one has been charged for this shooting, but prosecutors say the gun found in Porter, Jr.'s car was used in this crime.

About a month later, on June 15, prosecutors say Porter, Jr. fired into a home near 33rd and Vine. The criminal complaint says the mother and grandmother of the May 16 shooting victim were in that home at 33rd and Vine at the time of the June 15 shooting. A witness reported approximately 10 gunshots coming from the alleyway, and at least two went into the home, hitting a storage bin and a bag of chips. After the shooting, the victim got a message on social media from "NoGoing BacktoZero" stating, "Just left Gram's crib."

Porter, Jr. was arrested on July 5, when a search warrant was executed at his home near Hawley and Main.

Prosecutors say investigators found a Glock .40 caliber gun in Porter, Jr.'s car, along with an extended magazine and a Glock switch. In the home, investigators found a Glock 9mm magazine, two boxes of .40 caliber ammunition, a high-capacity magazine and a 9mm magazine.

Through testing, the complaint says investigators learned the Glock had been used in three shooting incidents, including the May 16 shooting near 25th and Nash and the June 15 shooting near 33rd and Vine.

Investigators interviewed Porter, Jr., and he said the shooting victim had threatened him, so "he felt he needed to arm himself with a firearm." According to the complaint, Porter, Jr. said a couple days before the shooting, the victim shot at him on the east side. Porter, Jr. said he never shot at the victim, but he did admit to shooting into the home at 33rd and Nash on June 15, the complaint says. He said he then got rid of the gun.

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The complaint says Porter, Jr. told investigators he "heard there were a bunch of kids inside the residence, and he did not know about that...and he felt bad about that."

He added that other shooting incidents involving the victim "were not him," and the gun found in his car "was not his firearm." However, prosecutors noted that testing of the gun found in Porter, Jr.'s vehicle revealed it was used in the June 15 shooting that Porter, Jr. himself admitted to. And again, prosecutors believe that weapon was also used in the May 16 shooting, but Porter, Jr. is not charged for that crime.