Milwaukee Fire Department left with $200K+ in vehicle damage after reckless driving crashes

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Fire Department has seen a big increase in crashes involving its vehicles over the last year, putting constraints and the department -- and coming with a hefty bill.

As you walk around a Milwaukee Fire Department lot, the amount of destruction is eye-opening. From fire engines to SUVs, nothing is spared.

Damage to Milwaukee Fire Department vehicle

Damage to Milwaukee Fire Department vehicle

Over the last year, more than a dozen crashes caused by reckless drivers and those under the influence have left more than $200,000 worth of destruction. The wrecks have happened as crews respond to scenes.

"There's been an increasing trend of what we're suspecting to be an intoxicated or drug-involved accident," said Deputy Chief John Litchford.

Deputy Chief John Litchford

The wrecks have forced the department to use older apparatus that adds to costs. The department is asking drivers to slow down and pay attention, so the crashes stop and crews can focus on fires.

"We need to be more proactive and a little more attentive driving," Litchford said. "These vehicles need to be out there on the streets to provide the citizens the safety that they need."

The department isn't sure why there has been an increase in crashes over the last year, they are just hoping it stops.

Damage to Milwaukee Fire Department vehicle