Milwaukee Fire Department helps mom, son rescue family of ducks near Capitol Drive

MILWAUKEE -- A family of ducks was rescued by the Milwaukee Fire Department on Thursday, June 27 -- and the photos of the operation are just too cute!

Vanessa Benning said she was driving her son to camp and almost hit a duck near Capitol Dr. and Lisbon Rd. in Milwaukee. After making calls around the city, Benning said the Milwaukee Fire Department "stepped up to the plate" to help out the duck family.

A nearby vet, Animal Care Hospital, provided a net to the MFD -- and the firefighters went on a "journey" to save the ducklings. The Milwaukee Police Department was directing traffic, and after the last duckling was rescued, a volunteer from the Wisconsin Humane Society came to help with the release.

The family was eventually released to the Menomonee River. Check out the photo album below!