Milwaukee County Transit System: Changes on the horizon for GO Pass holders

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) issued a reminder on Friday, June 9th for GO Pass holders who were informed last month that they are no longer eligible for the program -- and the last day to use their card is Sunday, June 11th. Beginning Monday, June 12th the cards will no longer work.

This change is part of a series of updates to the GO Pass Program that were approved in the 2017 Milwaukee County Budget. These changes will support the viability of the program while also helping to increase the sustainability of the transit system that provides 40 million rides a year to people to get to work, school, job training, medical appointments and activities across the county.

Current GO Pass holders who are no longer eligible for the program may be eligible for the MCTS Reduced Fare of $1.10 a ride, $11 for a 7-Day Pass or $32 for a 31-Day Pass. The easiest way to use the Reduced Fare program is to bring your unexpired GO Pass to the MCTS Administration Building (1942 N 17th St, Milwaukee) any weekday from 9am – 2pm and exchange your GO Pass for a Reduced Fare ID. The Reduced Fare ID along with the Reduced Fare M•CARD allows riders to take advantage of the reduced rate.

Other GO Pass Changes
The remaining 16,000 GO Pass holders who remain eligible for the updated program will begin paying $1 a day to ride on June 26th.  Also on June 26th, administration of the GO Pass program (i.e. issuing new and replacement GO Pass cards) changes hands from the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) administration to the Milwaukee County Aging and Disability Resource Centers (1220 W Vliet St, 3rd floor).

Milwaukee County and MCTS worked with riders and advocates on changes to the program. In the two years since the GO Pass was launched, more than 13.5 million free rides have been given. By the time all the changes are implemented, an estimated 15 million rides will have been given.

All future GO Pass holders will have to meet the following conditions: