Milwaukee County Thanksgiving DUI warning: 'Get home safe'

"Blackout Wednesday," the day before Thanksgiving, is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said it's all about making it to the dinner table on Thursday and not getting behind the wheel if you've had too much to drink.

At Kelly's Bleachers in Milwaukee, the owner said you can leave your car in the back parking lot for free if need be.

The goal is for everyone to get home safe.

The night before Thanksgiving has become known as "Blackout Wednesday" by some.

"Everyone gets together at a spot, which is usually a bar, restaurant or friend's house," said Anthony Luchini, owner of Kelly's Bleachers. "Drinking is part of, traditionally part of one of the things." 

Luchini said the drinks would be flowing at Kelly's Bleachers Wednesday night, reminding people to have a plan for getting home.

"We always encourage people to do it the right way," said Luchini. 

He said they encourage taking an Uber or Lyft. 

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"Our parking lot, I don’t think we towed a car in 20 years," said Luchini. "Leave your car there overnight. Some people leave it there a couple of days. We still don’t care."

"If you have to ask yourself, be on the safe side. Don’t drive," said Sgt. Robert Nazario, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. 

Sergeant Nazario said your loved ones want to see you at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. 

"Thanksgiving Eve has been, historically, a very busy traffic night in Milwaukee County," said Nazario. 

He said the MCSO and other agencies would have extra patrols out on the roads. 

"The focus will be impaired drivers and cars that are out on enforcement," said Nazario. 

"Have fun, party, but make sure you get home safe," said Luchini. 

AAA is also providing free rides with its "Tow to Go" service, which will get you and your car home.