Milwaukee County supervisors want chairwoman removed

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Four Milwaukee County supervisors have sent a memo to their colleagues in an effort to have Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic removed.

The memo states "After a series of blunders and incredible embarrassment to the entire MIlwaukee County Board, we ask that you join us to ask for the resignation of Marina Dimitrijevic as Chairwoman. If that doesn't take place, we ask you to join us in the process  of that removal."

Deanna Alexander is one of the supervisors involved. Earlier in April, Alexander told FOX6 News she was concerned the board was violating the law and authorizing union negotiations.

"I've been warned in a rather abusive manner that I'm under essentially an internal County Board gag order," Alexander said.

In a statement released Friday, Alexander had this to say about the memo, "It is fine to celebrate successes, but it is more important to admit mistakes and learn from failure.  That has not happened and the people of Milwaukee County deserve leaders that tell the truth."

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic also issued a statement that said "This political stunt is a distraction by people who support the state bill or the status quo. Many said we would never reform, and we have proved them wrong."

Conservative supervisors Mark Borkowski and Steve Taylor, along with John Weishan, who was just named "Elected Official of the Year" by the Milwaukee Democratic Party, all signed off on the memo.

The bi-partisan group calling for Dimitrijevic's resignation is giving colleagues until noon on Monday, April 29th to decide if they're on board.