Milwaukee County Squirrel Census: Fun stay-at-home project anyone can take part in

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Parks hosts community science programs and wildlife monitoring programs around the county all the time. But many of those are on hold due to the COVID-19. So parks officials created a "squirrel census" as a simple way for everyone to enjoy some wildlife spotting.

How do you take part?

Simply go to and add the Squirrel Census web to your cellphone home screen (it will also work in a web browser). Add your email to log in – you’ll be sent a pin code to access the app. Once you log in, create a profile and upload a profile pic.

Next, watch for squirrels in your garden, neighborhood or on short walks. To track a sighting click the "Record a squirrel sighting" on the home screen and fill out the details.

squirrel peeping from behind a tree

You can record the squirrel type (there are four in Milwaukee County, but you’ll most likely see gray squirrels), the squirrel activity, number of squirrels and the city and zip of the sighting. You can also add notes if you see anything interesting, like other wildlife.

Earn digital badges on your profile by recording your sightings!

Squirrel spotting tips

Squirrels can cause problems for homeowners. So officials do not recommend putting out food, or any attempts to attract them to your garden or home. Simply watch and record the squirrel activity that’s already taking place.