Milwaukee County judge postpones sentencing of Wink

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge postponed the sentencing of former Scott Walker aide Darlene Wink, who has already been convicted of two misdemeanors.

The prosecutor and defense attorney had submitted a joint recommendation that Darlene Wink's sentencing be postponed. Judge Daniel Konkol granted the request Tuesday, May 15th. Wink's hearing is now set for July 17th.

Wink pleaded guilty to doing campaign work for Scott Walker's gubernatorial campaign while working at her county job in 2009. Her lawyer says Wink still insists Walker never knew.

"She continues to support him and maintain the fact that he did nothing wrong and was unaware of anything she was doing," said Peter Wolff, Wink's attorney.

Wink is one of five arrested and charged as part of an ongoing John Doe investigation into what was going on in some of the offices behind the scenes, when Scott Walker was Milwaukee County Executive.

Now that Wink's sentencing is postponed, she'll have time to talk more with prosecutors about what was going on before she learns her fate. The prosecutor will eventually make a recommendation to the judge about Wink's sentence.

While Wink did not talk to reporters Tuesday, her lawyer says she would like the whole ordeal to be over.

"The matter continues. she has the stress of dealing with the prosecution and she would just like it done so she can put the matter to rest and put it behind her," said Wolff.

Wink faces up to a year in prison in this case.

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