Milwaukee Co. Sheriff's Office issues 202 traffic citations in past week

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office issued 202 traffic citations within the last seven days officials announced Friday, November 10th. This is part of the recent random saturation patrols on the Milwaukee County freeway system. 130 of the citations were for speeding.

Here's the breakdown:

    “Most of the freeway crashes are the result of people who are driving too fast for conditions and reckless driving," Sheriff Schmidt said in a release Friday. "I am committed to the saturation patrols until drivers comply with the laws in place to keep the motoring public safe."


    The sheriff's office issued the release to say the focus of the saturation patrols is on reducing crashes, serious injury and property damage, and is not based on generating revenue.

    The Wisconsin State Patrol has partnered with the Sheriff’s Office on this initiative.