Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David Clarke considers 2016 run for mayor

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced on a local radio show Friday morning, January 31st, that he may be looking to move into another position in 2016 -- Mayor of Milwaukee.

While Clarke is still running for sheriff this year, on the Jay Weber Show on 1130 WISN Radio he admitted he's considering another job in government, this time in the City of Milwaukee.

"This is my hometown. I've been here my whole life and it pains me to see what this city has become. We're not reaching our potential," said Sheriff Clarke. "After this election, this fall, I am going to sit down with some trusted people to start talking about the viability of a Clarke candidacy for mayor."

Sheriff Clarke notes that he hasn't thrown his hat in the ring just yet, but is going to explore his options. Current Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he isn't considering Clarke an opponent at this time. Barrett believes Chris Moews, the man challenging Clarke for sheriff this year, could unseat him.

"There's so much between now and 2016. Now, frankly, I'd be surprised if he was still sheriff in 2016 the way Chris Moews is running such a strong campaign against him," said Mayor Barrett. "I've seen sports where someone's looking past their opponent and they end up sucking wind. So just my reaction is, boy, pretty cocky to be looking past Chris Moews."

Sheriff Clarke made an unsuccessful bid for mayor in 2004. If he chooses to run again in 2016, UWM political science professor Mordecai Lee believes it could end similarly.

"I'm really skeptical that he can run any kind of a major campaign in what would be needed to run for, let's say, mayor," said Lee.

Lee also pointed out that when it comes to political races in Wisconsin, incumbents win nine out of 10 times.