Milwaukee business owners: Kamala Harris' roundtable 'leaves a lasting impact'

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris visited Milwaukee on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7, where she met with the family of Jacob Blake, toured an IBEW facility and took part in a "Build Back Better" roundtable with Black business owners -- discussing ways to advance racial equity amid the nation's economic recovery.

"It is also in context of a pledge that Joe Biden and I are making to small businesses throughout our country, including here in Milwaukee," said Harris.

During Harris' first solo in-person campaign trip as the VP nominee, she sat down with some of Cream City's Black business leaders.

"We see you," said Harris. "We understand the significance of what you are, in terms of the health and well-being of communities."

She sat down with some of the cream city`s black business leaders.

Kamala Harris and Joanne Sabir

Kamala Harris and Joanne Sabir

"It was a powerful moment," said Joanne Sabir, co-developer of Sherman Phoenix. "I talked about COVID, and where that left us as entrepreneurs, that it really did highlight innovation."

Each person addressed issues and opportunities they're facing, along with hopes for the future. 

"In my speech, I just talked about expanding affordable housing," said Que el-Amin, Milwaukee business owner.

Kamala Harris visits Milwaukee

Also during her visit, Harris spoke with the family of Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back seven times by a Kenosha police officer on Aug. 23. She also toured the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers facility. 

At MLK and Reservoir in Milwaukee, supporters anxiously waited for a glimpse of the California senator, who took a moment to say hello. 

"This is a lifetime special moment for me, just to share space with her," said Deiadra Queary.

Kamala Harris visits Milwaukee

Harris thanked the crowd and asked them not just to vote -- but to vote early. 

"Whenever someone is running for a position like this and they come and talk to the people, it's huge," said Lakeia Jones-Spell. "It leaves a lasting impression and a lasting impact on us."

Harris also recognized the men and women of labor in Milwaukee and around the nation.

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