Milwaukee Bucks lease payment for Cousin's Center increases to $200,000 per year

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks lease payment to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for the team's training facility at the Cousin's Center in St. Francis has increased -- to $200,000 per year.

The amended lease was filed in court as part of the Archdiocese's bankruptcy case, and was signed by the Bucks on June 22nd. However, the higher rates are retroactive to March 1st.

The previous annual lease payment was $33,900.

The Archdiocese mentioned the new Bucks lease Wednesday, August 5th in a press release about sources of funding and other terms of a $21 million settlement with the survivors of clergy sexual abuse.

Under the new lease, the Bucks must pay almost six times as much as before -- and take most of the financial responsibility for operating and maintaining the swimming pool.

The lease runs through August 2017. The Bucks must notify the Archdiocese by May 31, 2017, if the team plans to terminate the lease. If not, the lease automatically will be extended.

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