Milwaukee-area residents stepping up to provide Sandy relief

MILWAUKEE -- The demand for help on the East Coast is rising as thousands have been displaced and others are without power or even food in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Emergency disaster teams are on the ground and are sending for reinforcements from Wisconsin.

The Salvation Army says the situation out east is dire -- especially in New York City. Requests for assistance are coming in rather quickly, and emergency workers from Wisconsin are hitting the road to help.

"The biggest needs right now are with meals, water -- those day-to-day needs," Terri Leece said.

Leece is the Disaster Director for Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, and is stationed at FEMA's National Corresponding Center in Washington, D.C. Leece says the Salvation Army is feeding 1,000 per day in lower Manhattan.

"The need for feeding is going to bad. It's going to be rather large," Leece said.

Back in Milwaukee -- some rolled up their sleeves to make a blood donation to the Blood Center of Wisconsin. Some who donated said they were inspired to contribute with the relief effort -- even if they can't physically be on the East Coast.

"A lot happened out there. They are going to need help," one donor said.

"It's a great feeling that we are giving back, and somebody is going to be able to have their life saved," another donor told FOX6 News.

The Blood Center of Wisconsin hasn't received any official requests for blood donations from out east yet, but officials say that could change in the days to come.

The Salvation Army is encouraging monetary donations from the public so they can buy necessities like food, water and hygiene products.

CLICK HERE to make a storm relief donation via the Salvation Army.

CLICK HERE for additional information on donating blood via the Blood Center of Wisconsin.