Milwaukee Archdiocese to release documents of priest abuse

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Archdiocese is set to release over 6,000 pages of secret documents on Monday, July 1st, detailing substantiated allegations of abuse by priests.

Victims have been working for almost two years to have the documents unsealed.

"As a survivor, we've lived with the truth of these documents for a long time. The release of these documents will validate the claims we have been making for a long, long time," said Monica Barrett.

45 priests are expected to be named in the documents, however there is concern that dozens of clergy-offender names are being withheld.

Critics believe there are two dozen deacons, Catholic school teachers and others who are not being named.

"There are priests, three ordained deacons that they said abused children in 2005. Where are they? Where are these three ordained deacons who assulted children?" asked Midwest Director of SNAP, Peter Isely.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese says the documents will be published online. They are expected to provide new details into how far back abuse allegations go.

Church leaders say they are releasing all they have and plan to address the media after the release.

The releases are part of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings.