Milwaukee Archdiocese Mass mask rules loosen Sunday

The Milwaukee Archdiocese's Mass mask protocols will loosen starting Sunday, May 23.

Churches have had to get creative during the pandemic when it comes to worshipping together. Now, the Archdiocese has taken one step closer to normalcy.

"Now they’ll be masking and social distancing in one area, and a more general kind of approach to things in the other," said Father Paul Hartmann of St. Monica Parish.

Hartmann is excited to give parishioners the opportunity to pray and worship without masks on, while still being considerate of those who may still be more comfortable adhering to the COVID-19 precautions or who are not vaccinated.

St. Monica Catholic Church in Whitefish Bay

St. Monica Catholic Church in Whitefish Bay

Signage will be up to make it clear what side of the sanctuary will required masks and social distancing. He said the option to go maskless will be a nice change.

"I do think we’re going to lean towards the side of people wanting to take the mask off. Just to have that sigh of relief and that freedom," Hartmann said.

No matter what you choose, coming together to worship is the priority.

"Whether it’s a Catholic parish or a Christian church or synagogue or mosque, all of the ministers want the best for their communities, and they want the community to come together and be able to worship even more so than before the pandemic," said Hartmann.

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