Milwaukee among Top 10 cities with most TV campaign ads

A presidential debate was supposed to be held on Thursday night, Oct. 15. When President Donald Trump said he would not agree to a virtual debate, it was scrapped.

Instead, Joe Biden and President Trump decided to hold live, town hall events on competing networks Thursday night as efforts to broadcast their campaign messages intensify -- Election Day less than three weeks away.

From Sept. 28 to Oct. 11, Biden and supporters ran more television advertisements in Milwaukee than President Trump and his supporters did. The president's Democratic challenger ran 3,000 more television ads over the past two weeks, according to new research from Connecticut's Wesleyan University.

The Wesleyan Media Project found that pro-Biden TV ads in Milwaukee topped 4,100, while pro-Trump ads totaled 1,030.

President Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Advertisements reached a total estimated cost of more than $3.8 million. The sheer volume of ads got the attention of President Trump's son on Monday while visiting Waukesha County.

"You want to talk about a man who is desperate. The amount of Joe Biden ads I see on TV is unbelievable," said Eric Trump. "I would say over half of the ads on tv were Joe Biden ads. So the guy doesn't leave his basement, he just runs copious amounts of ads in Wisconsin, whereas I actually show up in Wisconsin."

Biden for President on Thursday released a new TV ad highlighting Biden's plan to help Milwaukee's economy. Titled "Unemployment Rates," highlights unemployment in the city and Biden's "Made in America" plan.

"This election is a clear choice between someone who cares about the wealthy and well connected and someone who has working families' backs," said Danielle Melfi, Biden for President Wisconsin state director.

Wesleyan Media Project 2020 television campaign advertisement data

Pro-Biden ads are also leading the Midwest battleground states, per a map put together by the Wesleyan Media Project.

Nationwide, Biden's campaign has spent $56 million on 80,000 TV ads in the previous two weeks. Trump's campaign has spent $32 million on 32,000 airings.

Wesleyan Media Project 2020 television campaign advertisement data

Across the country, most ads are being run in Florida, but Milwaukee is seventh nationwide, and Green Bay is 11th. Advertisements from both campaign teams are showing just how important Wisconsin is for the election.

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The Trump team has consistently lead in-person rallies in Wisconsin. This week, Vice President Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump have been in Wisconsin. President Trump himself will be in the state on Saturday.

Also in the state on Saturday will be Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, for a "Get Out the Vote" event.

The Trump team also points to personal contact, going door-to-door, as an effective strategy.


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