Milwaukee aldermen talking about "selling Milwaukee"

MILWAUKEE -- It sounds like a radical way to raise money, but Milwaukee aldermen are talking about selling off parts of the city -- everything from garbage trucks to parking meters!

The traffic outside Milwaukee's Dogg Haus can match the traffic inside. Robert Woods is the man in charge, and Woods' business has at least one thing in common with the city of Milwaukee -- each are considering how to take in more money.

"You gotta be creative and look at all scenarios," Woods said.

Milwaukee Alderman Michael Murphy is hoping the city can sell public ad space to companies or non-profit organizations for some much needed budget relief.

"You wont see City Hall for sale, but what you will see, what you may see is parking meter people advertising on parking meters," Alderman Murphy said.

The effort could include messages on things like city vehicles and trash cans.

"We want to make sure whatever we do it doesn't sell our soul out. What we're not going to do is something that offends people's taste," Alderman Murphy said.

Alderman Murphy says if the concept moves forward, the city will be mindful of messages adding the negative of more consumer ad clutter is outweighed by the potential budget relief.

Alderman Murphy cites New York as a city where this kind of advertising has worked -- generating $33 million.

"Perhaps raising a couple hundred thousand the first year or two. Hopefully, over time, it may be several million dollars," Alderman Murphy said.