Milw. man arrested after gun goes off inside Burlington Coat Factory

RACINE (WITI) -- Racine police say two individuals have turned themselves in after a gun went off inside Burlington Coat Factory on Saturday, December 7th.

Police say a man and woman were shopping inside the store when the man took off his coat and handed it to the woman. At some point, police say a handgun fell out of the coat pocket, landed on the floor and a round was discharged.

Police say a metal fixture in the store was struck -- but no one was injured.

Police say the man picked up the gun and both parties fled the store.

Images of the two were captured on surveillance video, and on Sunday, after the man and woman saw their photos online, they turned themselves in to Racine police.

Police say 34-year-old Marvin Jackson of Milwaukee, a valid CCW permit holder was arrested for recklessly endangering safety/negligent handling of a dangerous weapon.

The woman was interviewed and released.