Milw. Co. golf courses open Sunday through Tuesday

MILWAUKEE -- With temperatures in the 40s Sunday, the Milwaukee County Parks Department decided to open up four of its golf courses, and though its not quite a heat wave, for some die-hard golfers, it was plenty warm to hit the links!

At Currie Park Sunday, plenty of people were taking advantage of the rare opportunity for some December golf in Wisconsin. "Usually in December, we're shoveling snow, not golfing, so it's pretty awesome that we can get out here and get some exercise," Kevin Mullner said.

The only challenge Sunday: the ground was a little hard, and tees weren't sticking on the tee off, so golfers improvised and just hit off the ground.

Some golfers say they don't let the weather get in the way of their game, and try to get some games in year round. "We play real well in the cold. We played in November when it was 40 several times," George Panos said.

The Milwaukee County Parks Department says they plan to keep the courses open through Tuesday. The courses include Currie, Grant, Lincoln and Whitnall Golf Courses.

Tee times will be taken on the day of play. You're asked to call the course directly to make tee times.

    The Milwaukee County Parks System says the rates will be the lowest of the season.

    For more information, visit: Milwaukee County Parks website