Mild Thanksgiving Day temperatures leads to fun outdoors for many

MILWAUKEE -- Many were thankful for the mild Thanksgiving Day weather on Thursday, November 22nd! Though temperatures are set to free fall as soon as Thanksgiving night, Thanksgiving Day was filled with warmth and a little bit of sunshine -- and many took advantage!

Dog-lover Ashley Wegner shared the day with her mom, who came to Milwaukee from out-of-town. The two enjoyed the weather at the Estabrook Dog Park.

"The men went grocery shopping for last-minute stuff," Wegner said.

Temperatures were near record highs for this time of the year during the day on Thursday. 

Michele Fero said she has few memories of holidays this nice.

"It's a little strange! I like it, but it's weird! I can remember it snowing on Thanksgiving, and that used to be kind of the thing," Fero said.

12-year-old Sam Komisar hit up a playground on Thursday afternoon. He and other kids in his family ditched the long sleeves and kicked off their socks. Komisar told FOX6 News he's never seen it quite so warm on Thanksgiving -- in all of his 12 years. 

Komisar said he didn't mind grandma had chosen to stay behind while the kids played.

"She's the best cook in the house!" Komisar said.

Before the big feast, many in Milwaukee were thankful for a warm November day, and the chance to spend it with loved ones.

"My whole family is here. It is a fun day!" Komisar said.