Michigan lawyer offering free Valentine's Day divorce

MICHIGAN (CNN) -- For many, Valentine's Day means getting flowers, candy and chocolates and celebrating love. However, an attorney in Michigan is giving away a free divorce on Valentine's Day to the couple with the best break-up story!

At Southfield's "The Flower Loft" florists, staff was busy cutting and building their Valentine's Day special: half a dozen roses with a teddy bear and chocolates.

Meanwhile, lawyer Walter Bentley was gearing up for a Valentine's Day special of his own. Bentley, who is also a law professor, says his idea for a free Valentine's Day divorce came from a student's very different take on love.

"She was having a divorce party to celebrate her divorce and I thought about Valentine's Day and said hey why not help someone move on to that independence on Valentine's Day?" Bentley said.

Bentley is inviting anyone who would like a free Valentine's divorce to write him a note telling him the circumstances. Bentley says he's already had several dozen takers.

"They're basically separated from their spouse but they're living in the house together and it's a very contentious house because no one has the money to move forward," Bentley said of one story he has heard.

A divorce would normally cost roughly $3,000.

"We're really looking for the most heartwarming, that person who truly deserves it," Bentley said.