MIAD seniors showcase final projects

MILWAUKEE -- On Wednesday, April 25th, all 153 graduating seniors of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design were able to showcase their final projects to the entire school and the public.

It’s an event called Define Day, where all students at the college got the day off to see, learn and be inspired by the seniors' work. Projects ranged from sculptures to paintings to architecture.

“Seniors can talk to juniors, sophomores and freshman and tell them what's the journey like, or how did this work come to be?” David Martin, MIAD’s VP of Academic Affairs said.

One project that stood out was a car designed and built by Andy Langer. “I don't have license plates yet.  They're in the mail, so it'll be on the road soon,” Langer said. Langer is majoring in industrial design and has had the concept in mind since he was 12. “I was at a car museum and saw a homebuilt car.  This guy designed and built it himself in his garage and thought it was really cool,” Langer said.

“It's amazing how someone's able to pull it off by himself,” freshman Connor Brown said.

Other seniors had different inspirations for their projects.

“I decided to do a nature preschool at Riveredge Nature Center.  It was a great opportunity to incorporate what I love -- volunteering with little kids and being outdoors with architecture,” Emily Joerres, an interior architecture major said.

While some of the projects were conceptual, others actually make it on the market.  Most of the students also get job offers as a result of their work.

Three floors of the college were transformed into the senior projects gallery for an entire month, making it the state's largest exhibition of art and design.

If you'd like to check the projects out for yourself, the gallery at MIAD on Erie Street in the 3rd Ward is open to the public Tuesdays through Saturdays until May 12th.