MFD: Search underway for 1 person missing in the water near Humboldt and North

MILWAUKEE -- Officials with the Milwaukee Fire Department confirmed a dive response in the river to search for a missing person near Humboldt Avenue and North Avenue Sunday evening, July 12.

Deputies with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene just after 7:15 p.m., where one person had fallen into the water, but did not resurface.

FOX6 News crews saw MFD, Milwaukee police and U.S. Coast Guard boats searching the water, along with at least two divers -- and a sonar system.

A neighbor said this particular area is popular among rowers, kayakers and boaters.

"Three or four times a year this happens. I've helped look for people before. Keep an eye on the news see if they find him tonight, otherwise I'll try to walk down here tomorrow. They're usually found in a couple days," said Todd Jacobson, who lives nearby.

MFD officials said after more than an hour with divers in the water, they used sonar to try to find the missing person, which was unsuccessful, and after two hours, the search was terminated.

MCSO officials confirmed the search was called off due to poor visibility Sunday evening, and said it will resume Monday morning.


This is a developing story.