Mequon company prints shirts for senior citizens to 'show they're not alone'

MEQUON -- "They are affected, no matter how you cut it."

COVID-19 has left many senior citizens completely isolated

"They really are locked in, they're really shut-in."

And because of that, this Mequon company is wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Basil Bearer

"It's something that's a lasting message." Owner Basil Bearer said.

To show they're not alone.

With help from Home Helpers Home Care -- Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More of Mequon launched an initiative to bring personalized messages of hope and love to residents in local assisted living communities.

"It's a personalized message, that's what it comes down to," he said. "And it's something you can wear over and over again you pull it out of your drawer you look at it."

Some of the messages -- written and colored by residents' loved ones -- are then printed directly on the shirts, free of charge.

"Today we're printing the bulk of it the rest of the residents that unfortunately didn't have someone that can contribute," Bearer said. 

As hundreds of comfortable shirts are printed thanks to local donations, workers hope to bring some sense of comfort too. The goal -- to bring awareness to the community's most vulnerable.

"Not to forget them," Bearer said. "Just because they're away and away from us we really want to remember what's going on and what we're really fighting for at the end of the day."

If you'd like to donate or participate in the initiative, call the store or click here for more info.