Men who pretended to be veterans must wear 'I AM A LIAR' signs

CASCADE COUNTY, Mont. – Two men who pretended to be military veterans were sentenced to some very interesting punishments in Montana Friday, Aug. 23, KRTV reports.

As the Great Falls Tribune explained, Ryan Patrick Morris, 28, and Troy Allan Nelson, 33, were appearing before Judge Greg Pinski for violating the terms of deferred or suspended sentences they had received in two separate and unrelated cases.

In those cases, both had claimed to be military veterans in an attempt to get lesser sentences and be allowed to enter the judge's Veterans Treatment Court. On Friday, Pinski—who read the names of Montanans who died while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan—sentenced both to prison, plus some additional requirements once they're out before they can be considered for parole:

    (Neither was officially charged with stolen valor, but many others have been.)

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