Meet the actor from Aaron Rodgers' "Discount Double Check" commercial

GREEN BAY -- It wasn't Aaron Rodgers' first commercial, but it was the first one to show the nation he's willing to be the butt of a good joke. The latest State Farm "Discount Double Check" commercial features Rodgers being asked if he's a dancer, and he says, "no, I'm a quarterback." Then, a man featured in that commercial says "I'm a robot."

That man is actor Rob Chester-Smith, an Iowa native, making a living out in Hollywood. He told FOX6's Ted Perry via Skype he's now Aaron Rodgers' biggest fan, impressed with Rodgers' work ethic on set. "Sports guys you bring in for commercials like this, you'll maybe get them for half an hour or 45 minutes and then they're out of there. The first spot we did, Aaron was there for about the entire eight hour day, just like the rest of us. And this is not just eight hours. This is eight hours of me making fun of him again, and again, and again," Chester-Smith said.

There was a script, but one that called for improvisation, and it was Chester-Smith's audibles that had the quarterback cracking up on set. "I didn't know him from Adam, and he was such a great sport about it. I did stop short of making any Favre jokes, though," Chester-Smith said.

The addition of B.J. Raji for the second commercial led to more face time for Chester-Smith, during the commercial that was shot just last week. "In between takes, Aaron was actually giving Raji notes, which I found funny," Chester-Smith said.

Chester-Smith is a graduate of Northwestern University and says he's happy with how the spots turned out, even if some of the funniest moments didn't make the cut. "There was a joke on set where I would say 'uh-oh, you got caught in a dance trap, what are you gonna do now?' I really liked that line. The concept of the dance trap makes me laugh, and it made other people laugh on set. Unfortunately, it did not make it," Chester-Smith said.